Dacia will shut down production for two weeks

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Dacia will shut down production for two weeks

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Dacia will shut down production for two weeks
January 12, 2009

Given the sharp fall of the global car markets, and of the Romanian car market in particular, Dacia will shut down its production from 26 January to 8 February 2009.

Dacia will suspend production for a period of two weeks, from 26 January to 8 February 2009. Work will resume on 9 February 2009. According to Dacia’s Collective Employment Contract on 2008, the employees who will stay at home during the stoppage period will receive 85% of their total gross salary.

Dacia is forced to resort to a halt in order to adapt its production to the fall in demand, caused by the decreasing markets, with Romania as the carmaker’s first commercial destination. In 2008, over a third of the plant’s output was sold on the loc al market. In December 2008, Dacia sold 3,622 units on its local market, standing for a 55% fall against December 2007.

Since October 2008, the Romanian new car market has been going to a slump. Sales fell by 30% in October 2008 against October 2007, by 55% in November 2008 as opposed to November 2007, and by 53% in December 2008 against December 2007.

The Romanian new car market’s dramatic decline is triggered by the financial crisis and limited access to credit, by the invasion of imported second-hand cars and by the indecision of clients against the potention change of the pollution tax.

The Romanian market of new vehicles has been asphixiated by sales of imported second-hand cars. In December 2008, 54,712 used cars were sold, with a total of 300,891 used cars sold in 2008, standing for increase of 471% against December 2007.
Concretely, since November 2008, for one new vehicle sold, three second-hand vehicles have been registered.
Ik kwam, ik zag en koos een Dacia

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